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As we get older our teeth become discoloured, this is a natural aging process and is caused by food, drink, smoking etc... Fortunately with state-of-art technology, we now have a solution and are able to bring back your teeth to its natural white colour and beyond. This is done by applying Hydrogen peroxide gel on your teeth then exposing the gel to a laser light for just under an hour. The dental gel is completely safe and works every time.

Results differ and depend on the current colour of ones teeth; some patients achieve whiter teeth than others.

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On the day of your appointment, we will carry out a visual inspection of your teeth then go through an initial consultation in order to assess your suitability and discuss your desires. Once you and our Clinician are happy to go ahead, we will begin the process of the teeth whitening session. The laser light application will usually take 45 – 55 minutes. The results are astonishing! It’s truly magical!

Whether you want to uplift the colour of your teeth to a natural white look or prefer to go for the Hollywood white teeth look, either way, the results are permanent. Some people’s teeth slightly darken after a long while but this is caused by high in colour foods and also by coffee, tea, and smoking.

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